Financing Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become incredibly popular among women of all backgrounds, social standing, and of many nations. Plastic surgery is very expensive, so much that many individuals who opt to have a procedure done use personal savings, credit cards, and even loans to finance the surgery.

The cost for some of the larger procedures such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck can reach anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. This money is used to cover the plastic surgeon’s fees, hospital stay, prescription drugs to take away the pain, anesthesiology, and taxes that you have to pay.

One thing that most people don’t realize that since most plastic surgery is for cosmetic purposes, your health insurance plan will usually not cover the cost of your procedure or any expenses related to it. They will however, cover you if the surgical procedure is not for cosmetic purposes. Most patients will pay cash to eliminate additional expenses in the form of interest that you may accrue on a loan or credit card.

Since most plastic surgery is for cosmetic purposes, health insurance usually will not cover the cost of the procedure or any related expenses. Many individuals may elect to pay cash for the surgery and others may save up by eliminating unnecessary expensive activities or getting a part time job.

If you do, however, need to take out a loan to finance your plastic surgery, there are quite a few different companies that specialize in financing your procedure. You don’t always have to rely on a bank as you would for other expenses. People who choose to use these sources do because they don’t want to tie up their credit cards or other credit sources.

On these types of loans, you can usually expect the terms to be between 24 and 60 months with the interest rates ranging from 6% to almost 30%. Your interest rate is assigned based on your level of risk. These loans are unsecured personal loans, which mean that you don’t have to offer collateral for the loan. If you cannot repay the loan, nothing can be repossessed from you. How silly would that be if the lender came and took you back to the doctor to take out your breast implants because you failed to pay?

Loan terms are usually between 24 and 60 months. While some companies do not require down payments, most doctors will require a minimum deposit. Most companies will not charge a pre-payment penalty if you decide to pay the loan off early.

So, you see that plastic surgery is very expensive. But, if you have to have it done, there are options for you in terms of how you are going to pay for it.

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