Repairing Credit After Bankruptcy – Free Tips Inside

Bankruptcy is a haunting experience that you wouldn't want to go through more than once. Unpaid bills for several months and years just kept piling up and your creditors kept hounding you. However, you got through it and survived. After getting back to your feet, repairing credit should be your next priority. It may be difficult but it's possible.

After bankruptcy, you should aim to get a good credit history. Assess your credit report and look for any mistakes or negative comments made by your creditors. Even if your debts are already paid, your bankruptcy status will remain in your report for the next ten years. If you find any errors on those reports, have them corrected immediately by the credit bureau. Have your documents with you as proof.

Next, get a secured credit card. Unlike a regular credit card, a secured credit card works by limiting your expenditures according to the money you deposit; in effect limiting the amount you can spend. A store card is good since it's much more obtainable and will help you reform your credit after a year. Once you secure a store card, you can then apply for a regular credit card again.

Installment loans like car loans, mortgage loans and personal loans are other ways to enhance your creditworthiness. Paying on time will be a good indication to your creditors and moneylenders that you'll never go bankrupt again.

After building up a good credit history, you can now apply for a regular unsecured credit card. If you get turned down, wait another six months and try again.

Opening a savings account with a union is also a method to repair your credit history. Find a union with good standing. They usually give out rewards such as home or car loans if you maintain your credit credibility.

Bankruptcy is a devastating experience that will be hard to get over. It will take time and discipline to repair your credit score, but this is the perfect time to learn never to make the same mistakes again and manage your finances better.

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